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Specification :
Replaceable plug-in module
Longitudinal, Transverse
3 terminal GDT
0,6 - 10 MHz
Multi-strand to 6 mm2

The IM-TD series of low voltage protective devices has been developed to protect against the effects of induced voltages onto data, signal and communication circuits.
It consists of a multi-stage protector providing both common (longitudinal) mode and differential (transverse) mode protection. Coarse protection is provided by a three terminal gas discharge tube while fine protection is provided using a high speed silicon avalanche diodes or metal oxide varistor stage. Care is taken to ensure coordination between these two stages without voltage or surge current blind spots occurring.
Over current protection is provided by a PTC element, which provides a level of protection against short circuit or mains incursion. Internal thermal disconnectors are also employed to reduce the hazards of thermal runaway during fault conditions.
Specification :
Replaceable plug-in module 12 mm
Longitudinal, Transverse
3 terminal GDT
30 MHz
Multi-strand to 4 mm2

Like the SMC-TC series, the SMH2-TC provides the same level of protection to two independent circuits (pairs). A number of protection voltages are available to ensure the user is able to select the closest clamping voltage to the normal signal operation of the equipment being protected.
The plug-in module/base design facilitates replacement of a failed module without the need to remove system wiring.
If the module is unplugged out of the base, the connection lines remain enabled.
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