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Specification :
16 terminal compact module
2 (4 lines)
< 1,5 MHz
In = 20kA, IL = 500mA
Multi-strand to 2 x 2,5 mm2

The VM-RS series has been developed to protect 2 pair data transmission circuits using the RS 485, RS 422 and V11 protocol.
The circuit consists of two balanced pairs with equipotential equalization between them. Equipotential equalization is also provided between signal ground and protective ground to avoid equipment damage from ground potential rises during surge activity.
Coarse protection is provided by a three terminal gas discharge tube while fine protection is provided using a high speed silicon stage which provides both common (longitudinal) mode protection from each line to protective ground, and differential (transverse) mode protection between each pair.
Care is taken to ensure coordination between these two stages without voltage or surge current blind spots occurring.
Thermal protection is provided to reduce the hazards of thermal runaway should there be an inadvertent mains incursion fault.
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