Low Voltage Power System > Isolating Spark Gap for Equipotential Bonding; Imax 100 kA
Isolating Spark Gap
Specification :
Imax = 100kA
Corrosion resistant enclosure

The EPZ series of isolating spark gaps have been developed to prevent unsafe potential gradients from establishing between adjecent metallic structures or surfaces during lightning discharges. This is achieved by an internal voltage switching component which operates to establish equipotential equalization when its predetermined spark-over voltage is reached, thereby preventing damage to equipment or eliminating unsafe conditions to personnel.
The EPZ has been developed for use in applications such as: lightning protection grounding, where for instance circumstances may dictate that a ´clean´ signal ground can not be directly connected to a ´dirty´ power system ground. It has also found wide application in the petrochemical industry in the protection of oil and gas pipeline insulating flanges from flash-overs during direct or nearby lightning discharges or when ground faults of nearby power transmission lines can cause large potential gradient across these flanges. The EPZ is available in a hermetically sealed version for direct burial applications. It is also available with Baseefa FX approval certificate for use in hazardous locations.
These devices have been developed to meet the requirements EN 50164-3 Lightning Protection Components (LPC) - Requirements for Isolating Spark Gaps, and the soon to be released standard IEC 62561-3 Ed. 1.0.REquirements for Lightning Protection Components (LPC) Part 3: Requirements for isolating spark gaps.

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