Low Voltage Power System > Class III; D; Modular & Compact Single & Multi-pole Uoc/Isc up to 10kV/5kA/pole
Specification :
TN - S, TT, IT
L/N - PE
High energy MOV, GDT and filter
Uoc/Isc = 6kV/3kA
Compact design

PROFILT series contains surge arresters and filter, which are serially connected. It consists of two VTCs, gas discharge tube (GDT) and filter. It is suitable for protection for sensitive electronic appliances.
VTC 10
Specification :
L/N - PE
High energy MOV
Uoc/Isc = 10kV/5kA

VTC series are designed to protect sensitive electronic equipment against surges. It is developed for mounting on printed circuit boards. VTC is protective element MOV with thermal protection and decoupling device for remote signalisation of arrester failure.
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