Low Voltage Power System > Surge Arresters for Explosive Areas
Category lEC/EN: C1/C2/C3
Mode of protection: Longitudinal, Transverse
Coarse Protection: 3 terminal GDT
Nonlina:operating voltage: Un:15V, 30V DC
Max.operating vo:tage: Uc:18, 33V DC
Frequencv range: 3MHz
Serial Resistance: 0.1 - 0.4Ω per line
Surge Discharge Ratings: In:10kA, Imax: 20kA
Series load current: 500mA
Enc:osure: DIN 43880 1TE, DIN rail mount
Termina:s: Stranded to 6 mm²
Houslng: Modular design
Comp:ies with: IEC/EN 61643-21

The lM‐Ex series is intended to provide protection to lovv voltage signal and data circuits located in potentia∥y explosive environments. It is intended for use on inherently safe circuits in accordance with ATEX directive. The protection module should be located as close to the end-user equipment being protected, As possible.
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