Low Voltage Power System > Isolating Spark Gaps for Equipotential Bonding
EPZ 100 Ex
Location of use : Exposed environments or direct buria
Protective elements : GDT
Surge discharge ratings : Imax 100kA
Housing : Corrosion resistant enclosure with hermetic environmental seal and flying leads for ease of connection
Complies with : IEC/EN 61643-11, EN 50164-3:2004

The EPZ has been developed for use in applications such as: lightning protection groundlng, where for instance circumstances may dictate that a “clean“ signal ground can not be dlrectly connected to a “dirty“ power system ground. lt has also found wide applicatlon in the petrochemical industry ln the protection of oil and gas pipeline lnsulating flanges from flash-overs during direct or nearby lightning discharges or when ground faults of nearby power transmission lines can cause large potential gradients across these flanges. The EPZ is available in a hermetically sealed version for dlrect burial applications. It is also ava∥able with Baseefa Ex approval certificate for use in hazardous locations.
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