Low Voltage Power System > Surge Protective Devices for Overhead Power Lines
Category IEC/EN/VDE: Class II/Type 2/A
Location of use: Overhead power lines
Protection rnodes: L/N‐PE
Protective elements: MOV
Surge discharge ratings: Imax = 40kA
Internal protection and safety: Thermal disconnector for MOV

Product PROFILT D is an electromagnetic interference(EMI) and overvoltage protective device of class IIl. It is designed for complete protection and is installed directly in front of protected devices on DIN rail. Protected electrical device is safe against effects of overvoltage, electrostatic voltage and electromagnetic interferences. These disturbances, which are present in all electrical systems, are caused by other electrical devices, by switching maneuvers, by defects in electricai network and by other activities, such as welding.

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