Surge Counter > SPD Life-status Monitoring Accessories
Easy to use ‘lRC(remote contacts) to Ethernet’ device
Monitoring RC outputs of 8 1ndividual devices
Device status accessible through WEB user interface
Device status alarm through email
Additional power supply module is needed(5‐30V DC)
Complies wtth:IECノEN 62561-6

ProALARM is a purpose designed alarm monitoring device, which interfaces with remote contact outputs RC, from many of the products designed by lskra Zascite. This monitoring information is conveyed by ProALARM II unit to end-user, or centralized facility monitoring system, by means of a WEB user interface.
ProALARM II can monitor up to 8 individual devices. As a member of the Iskra ProGRID series of power quality devices, It is designed to monitor associated devices, such as ProSLS or and SPD device with RC option.
Also other devices that provide voltage-free RC contacts, such as building and fire Alarms, can be monitored vvith ProALARM II.
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