Surge Counter > Surge and Lightning Counter
LCD screen that shows number of surges, hour and date of surge event
Buttons for TIME/DATE setting and log viewing
Replacable battery, battery life minirnum 4 years
Easy to install, Snap‐on surge current sensor
Complies with:IEC/EN 62561-6, 61326‐1

ProSEC ll+ is a surge counter with an extra function. Beside surge number count it also logs hour and date for each surge counted. lts surge count and log of previous surges cannot be tempere with, so it can be used for cooperation with insurance companies. With additional time and date logging function, It is now possible to pinpoint the exact time of every surge and correlate it with equipment and power supply problems inside of building.
Color LCD
Surge counter displaying and logging time/date and current amplitude data
Remote contact event warning
“SPD check” warning
Complies with:IEC/EN 62561-6′61326‐1

ProSEC III is the new surge current counter, the only one with possibility, to not only sense and log time and date of a surge current event, but to also measure its amplitude. With ProSEC III counter the cause of surge current becomes much more obvious. Therefore, the prediction of possible consequences
caused by surges, are easier to assess. We can now make a complete analysis of surge events source and type at the place of measurement and take appropriate precautions and repairs that will keep our equipment and electrical power network in working order.
ProLEC Basic
LCD screen that shows number of lihtning strikes, hour and date of lightning event.
Buttons for TIME/DATE setting and log viewing
Replacable battery, working life minimum 5 years
Contact less sensor-easy to install, no change in existing installation needed
Complies with : lEC/EN 62561-6, 61326-1

ProLEC Basic is the first in line of the new lightning current sensors family.
It is meant to be used for sensing and logging lightning discharges that flow through lightning protection systems.
ProLEC device is installed directly on lightning down conductor.
It is made to withstand currents up to 100kA
(10/350). By installing ProLEC on a building’s lightning protection system, Based on this lightning information, insurance reimbursement will be possible.
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