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CCP-N Series
Category lEC/EN: C1/C2/C3 Design: in‐line, impedance matched Max.operating voltage: Uc:70, 180, 280V Max.Peak Power: 40,125,300W Frequencv range: DC ‐ 2.6GHz Surge Discharge Ratings: In:10kA, lmax:20kA Characteristic impedance: 50Ω Insertion loss: < 0.4dB Return:oss: > 20dB Housing: Shielded enclosure, in‐line insta∥ation Termination: N type, M‐F and F-F available Complies with: lEC/EN 61643-21
The CCP-N series of coaxial surge protectors is intended to protect RF antenna systems and is suitable for frequencies from DC to 2.6GHz.
lt is designed as an in-line unit allowing ease of installation.
The careful design, low capacitance gas discharge arresters and high quality N-type termination connectors, ensures a minimum of insertion loss throughout the frequency band. Transfer poweris 40W to 300W continuous.
The CCP coaxial cable protector is designed in accordance with the following standards and regulations: lEC 61643-21:2009
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