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DC PROTEC BR 10 Series
Category IEC/EN/VDE: Class I / Type 1/B
Location of use: Sub‐distribution boards
Protection modes: (+)→PE, (‐)→PE, (+)→(‐)
Protective e!ement: MOV
Surge discharge rating: In:20kA, Imax:60kA, limp:10kA
Enclosure: DIN 43880 4TE′D:N ra∥rnOunt
Terminals: Solid 35 mm²/stranded 25 mm²
Houslng: Compact design
Complies with: IECノEN 61643‐11

The DC PROTEC B series has been designed to meet the unique requirements of protection of DC power systems found in telepower and railway applications.
DC PROTEC B provides both common and differential mode protection using high nominal discharge rating for extended operating life under DC conditions.
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