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Category IEC/EN: C1/C2/C3
Nominal operating voltage: Un:12VDC
Max.operating voltage: Uc:15VDC
Frequencv range: 1lMHz
Surge Discharge Ratings: In:1kA, Imax:2kA
Series load current: 500mA
Termination: DB 9 male‐DB 9 female
Housing: In‐line compact design
Complies with: IEC/EN 61643‐21

The IM-DB 9 series has been developed to protect transmission circuits using the RS 232 protocol. Protection is achieved via a DB 9, in-line package, comprises a combination of MOV and fast silicon suppressor diodes. All eight lines are protected.
Category IEC/EN: D1/C1/C2ノC3
Mode of protection: Longitudinal Transverse
Coarse protection: 2x3terminal GDT,2x2 terminal GDT
Nominal operating voltage: Un:5VDC
Max.operating voltage: Uc:6VDC
Serial resistance: l.7 ‐ 1.9Ω per line
Frequency range: < lMHz
Surge Discharge Ratings: In:20kA ; limp:2.5kA
Series load current: 500mA
Enciosure: DIN 43880 2TE, DIN rail mount
Terminals: Stranded 2 x 2.5mm2
Housing: 16 terminals compact design
Complies with: IEC/EN 61643‐21

The VM-RS series has been developed to protect 2 pair data transmission circuits using theRS485, RS422 and V.11 protocol. The circuit consists of two balanced pairs with equipotential equalization between them. Equipotential equa∥zation is also provided between signal ground and protective ground to avoid equipment damage from ground potential rises during surge activity. Thermal protection is provided to reduce the hazards of thermal runaway should there be an inadvertent mains incursion fault.
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