Data / Signal Systems > Explosive Environments (Ex)
Specification :
Replaceable plug-in module
Longitudinal, Transverse
3 terminal GDT
In = 10 kA, Imax = 20 kA
Multi-strand to 6 mm2

The IM-Ex series is intended to provide protection to low voltage signal and data circuits located in potentially explosive environments.

It is intended for use on inherently safe circuits in accordance with ATEX directive. The protection module should be located as close to the end-user equipment being protected, as possible.

The circuit consists of a multi-stage protector providing both common (longitudinal) mode and differential (transverse) mode protection.

Coarse protection is provided using a three terminal gas discharge tube while fine protection is provided using a high speed bi-directional silicon stage. Care is taken to ensure coordination between these two stages without voltage or surge current blind spots occurring.
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